May 08, 2023

Sunscreen myths debunked: Separating Facts From Fiction

In the past decade, sunscreen has become the most essential skincare product to protect skin against tanning, ageing, and cancer. Doctors, skin experts, and researchers in the field have shed a lot of light on how investing in this one skincare product can transform your skin completely. 

However, even with all these efforts to make people aware of the benefits of sunscreen, many myths are still widely believed. This blog will bust some of those myths and give sunscreen facts that’ll save your skin. Let's dive in! 

Myth #1: You need to apply sunscreen only when the weather is sunny. 

Fact: Even when the sky is covered in clouds during the monsoons or when the sun seems to be dim during the winters, 80% of the sun's harmful UV rays can still get to us. Although the UVB rays that cause our skin to burn and tan are less fierce during an overcast, the UVA rays that cause ageing and cancer are still as strong. 

So, regardless of how the weather is outside, you should never skip sunscreen. Instead, you can pick a sunscreen that suits the weather conditions. A lightweight gel formula with added vitamin C like Safe Sun Vitamin-C MatteGEL Daily Sunscreen SPF 50 is the best sunscreen for tanning in summer. The vitamin C in this sweat proof formula will brighten your skin, remove tanning and impart a healthy glow. 

On the other hans, The Safe Sun Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 PA+++  is an excellent option for when your skin feels dry and tight, especially during the winter. The plum extracts in this sunscreen is high in vitamin E and antioxidants that deeply nourish and soothe skin to prevent dryness, fine lines and dark spots. 

Myth #2: Sunscreen will make my skin look oily, dull and cause pimples. 

Fact: In the earlier days, sunscreens used to be thick, making the skin look oily. Thanks to modern skincare technology advancements, we at Lotus Herbals have created stunning sunscreens like the Safe Sun Silk Touch Mattifying UV Crème SPF 50 that will leave your skin with a velvety, matte finish. And, no trace of greasy dullness. 

Moreover, our sunscreens are packed with natural ingredients like green tea extract that perks up your dull skin with its antioxidants. 

Myth #3: Sunscreen can only protect the skin from tanning. It doesn't do anything else for the skin. 

Fact: Tanning is just one of the side effects of sun exposure. However, sun damage also accelerates skin ageing and sagging, causes and deepens fine lines, and creates uneven skin tone and dark spots over time. 

Multiple studies and research have proven that regular use of sunscreen prevents tanning and protects the skin from the more severe sun damage. And most importantly, it protects from skin cancer. 

Myth #4: I don't need sunscreen. I cover my face with scarves and my hands with gloves to protect my skin. 

Fact: Your scarves, dupattas, and gloves can save your skin from tanning to a minimal extent. The rays of the sun that go deeper into your skin to cause ageing and cancer can easily penetrate through these flimsy materials. 

Unless you're wearing clothing that's UV protected, you're doing little to save your skin. And, even if you choose to wear UV-protected clothing, dermatologists recommend using a tan removal sunscreen like the Safe Sun UV Shield Whitening Gel Cream SPF 50 PA+++ underneath for the best protection. 

Myth #5: I can use coconut oil with natural SPF to protect my skin. 

Fact: Coconut oil has a meager SPF rating of 4-5. Drenching your skin in a thick layer of oil can protect you from the sun for a few minutes after exposure. Although coconut oil is suitable for sealing moisture, it is an absolute disaster as a sunscreen. 

Moreover, it can clog your pores, causing pimples and whiteheads. And it will give you an oily, sticky finish which is what oils do. 

Myth #6: My moisturizer/face powder has SPF. I don't need a separate sunscreen. 

Fact: Your moisturizer and face powder usually have very low SPF bordering around 10-15 mostly. That's not enough for protection beyond an hour or so. Moreover, dermatologists recommend using at least 1/3rd teaspoon or 3-finger length worth of sunscreen on your face and neck. Using the recommended quantity will ensure protection is maintained. And, if we used 1/3rd teaspoon of moisturizer on our faces, we would look like an oily, shiny disco ball! 

So, apply your moisturizer and top it up with a toxin-free sunscreen from Lotus Herbals. 

Myth #7: I only need to apply sunscreen on my face where the skin is delicate. The skin on my body does not need protection.

Fact: Your face's skin is much thinner and more delicate than your body's. Which is why it requires more protection from a higher SPF. However, the skin on your body is not thick enough to prevent sun damage. 

Just as you protect your face from sun damage, you must give the same love and care to the rest of your body. Use the Safe Sun Anti-Tan Body lotion SPF-25 every day. It will brighten your skin and keep it soft and smooth. Moreover, the aloe vera in this will keep your skin cool and calm even when the temperature soars. 

Every innovation that can improve our lives is often surrounded by skepticism and myths that prevent us from reaping its benefits. The only way forward is to be a conscious and well-informed consumer who can make the right judgments for their good. Don't let these sunscreen myths stop you from creating safer, healthier, and younger skin for your future self with daily protection.

Written by Lotus herbals