May 09, 2022

The Perfect Skincare Package For Your Bundle of Joy

We all need to take care of our skin against pollution and sunlight. A proper and safe skincare routine is a must for everyone. It helps provide complete nourishment to the skin and protects it against skin issues. But is there any appropriate age to start a skincare routine? The answer is yes, just after birth! The skincare regimen changes according to the skin needs, ranging from the soft and delicate skin of babies to the saggy skin of adults.

When it comes to babies, you need to be extra careful in selecting proper skincare. Babies have soft and sensitive skin that must be cared for right from the beginning. There are loads of baby care products available in the market; the only issue is not knowing what is safe. By following a set routine, you would be able to protect their skin in a better way. This blog outlines the products you must include in a baby's skincare routine. 

Skincare Products for Babies

Your baby also needs proper care and consideration for their skin. The list of products given below is essential for the healthy development of their skin and hair.

  • Baby wash: Baby skin is susceptible to chemicals and additives. It can develop dryness and rashes if proper care is not taken. It is advisable to use mild baby wash for bathing so that their skin does not get dried up and itchy. You must buy a paraben-free and chemical-free baby wash. Try the naturally formulated Lotus Herbals Little Bubbles Body Wash & Shampoo. Pediatrician-Recommended, this body wash has no PEGs/Phthalates and is free from synthetic fragrance and color that may irritate the baby's skin.
  • Baby lotion and cream: Baby lotion is another vital part of baby skincare. Since their skin is extremely thin and ultra-soft, it loses moisture faster. It loses moisture every time exposed to air and water. Therefore, reapplication is necessary. Buy a baby cream with a thick consistency that makes sure to stay on their skin and not get rubbed off with their clothes. Winter baby creams are even more critical as the skin becomes dry even faster in colder months. Lotus Herbals Baby Tender Touch Baby Body Lotion is formulated with the benefits of olive butter & calendula extracts that help deliver unparalleled protection and moisture to the baby's delicate skin. The pH of 5.5 provides a natural skin barrier. 
  • Baby powder: With the scorching Indian summers, baby powder has become an essential product. This skincare product keeps the baby fresh and absorbs all the summer sweat on their bodies. Make sure to buy baby powder from a known brand that practices natural skincare. In addition, the product must be talc-free as talc can irritate sensitive skin. Lotus Herbals BABY LOVE Sprinkle "NO Talc" Powder is carefully formulated for delicate skin to keep it fresh and soft all day. Furthermore, the 'No Talc' formulation prevents rashes and keeps the baby's skin moisturized.
  • Baby sunscreen: Just like grown-ups, babies also need sunscreen. Sun exposure can affect them just as it affects the rest of us. Baby sunscreen is a tricky product to buy. Although very high SPF is not required, it may irritate and dehydrate their skin in repeated applications. The product must be mild and effective at the same time. Lotus Herbals BABY+ SUNSCREEN SPF 20 PA+++ has calendula extracts that have antibacterial properties to relieve rashes and deeply hydrate the skin. It is recommended to apply baby sunscreen every morning on your baby's skin. Make sure to reapply before stepping out during the day. 
  • Baby oil: Baby massage oil is also an essential part of baby care products. It is used for head-to-toe massage. Baby hair is very soft and weak, and their bones are delicate. Therefore, it has to be oiled daily to become healthier and stronger. It is recommended to use natural oils such as almond oil and olive oil. Lotus Herbals BABY ETERNAL Love Baby Massage Oil brings together the best of both these oils packed in one bottle. Daily massage with this oil helps your baby's delicate limbs grow stronger and healthier.
  • Baby skincare wipes: Baby wipes are used every day for various purposes like cleansing the tiny hands & feet of the babies. Being used on delicate skin, wipes have to be soft and completely chemical-free. Lotus Herbals BABY Gentle & Refreshing Baby Wipes are highly moisturizing and do not dry out the baby's skin. The pH of 5.5 helps maintain the moisture balance of the baby's sensitive skin.

In conclusion, by following these skincare product recommendations, you will be able to create a healthy skincare routine for your baby. So, protect, hydrate, and nourish your child's skin and make them stronger!

Written by Lotus Herbals