November 12, 2021

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Anti-Ageing Creams & Facial Excercises – Lotus Herbals

A comprehensive & effective anti-ageing skincare routine is an investment you make for yourself in your late-20s to have plumper & younger-looking skin in the years ahead!

With the advancement in science & skincare, all our ageing concerns like dullness, dryness & wrinkles can be taken care of with the help of anti-ageing creams. 

What is premature ageing? 

Like we know, ageing is irreversible, and no matter how much we want to go back to our younger self, we cannot! As we enter our mid-20s, our skin starts to show the initial signs of ageing. Fine lines along with wrinkles, loss of elasticity & dullness become more noticeable over time. The protein called ‘Collagen’ delivers us with plumper & youthful-looking skin. But as we grow older, the collagen production slows down, and our skin becomes drier & tends to lose its firmness. All the laughter lines and uneven skin tone becomes more apparent, majorly due to the inevitable sun exposure & the damage caused to our skin due to environmental aggressors.  

Therefore, It’s of utmost importance to upgrade your skincare essentials and incorporate natural anti-ageing solutions into your AM-PM routine as per your skin type, especially in the colder months. 

Let us take you through the Top five benefits of why you need Anti-Ageing creams on your shelves!

1) Revive the Radiance

We all have a similar complaint, loss of skin radiance over the years! Among many factors that make the skin appear older, this one tops the list as the visible ageing symptoms start surfacing on your skin in your late-20s. 

But with the right anti-ageing creams & serums, reducing fine lines & wrinkles can become more manageable. Using anti-ageing creams religiously atleast twice a day delivers the moisturisation our skin needs to revive the lost radiance. Always go for natural solutions & make chemical-free choices when it comes to your anti-ageing moisturisers. 

2) Hydration & Skin Firming

Let’s address the issue of skin dryness & loss of skin firmness and elasticity due to ageing. Unfortunately, we cannot reverse the process for you, but a good moisturiser should be at your rescue! 

Winters need intense moisturisation, which shall uplift the sagging skin around your face & neck area. Natural solutions like Lotus YouthRx comes with hydrating & nourishing properties that accelerate collagen production, firm the skin & solve your anti-ageing concerns in winters.

3) Prevents Dark Spots & Pigmentation

Due to continuous sun exposure, our skin tends to come under the radar & lose its elasticity, leading to premature ageing, dark spots & dullness. 

Thankfully, Lotus Youthrx Transforming Creme comes along with SPF25 PA+++ protection. These block the UVA & UVB rays, protecting the skin from the occurrence of any dark spots or pigmentation. In addition, the antioxidant properties in these emulsions fight against the damaging cells in your skin, helping you achieve even skin tone. 

4) Saves you from the Costly Dermat Appointments

As you inculcate the habit of applying a sufficient amount of anti-ageing cream every day and night, you will surely reap the benefits it offers in later years. 

Prevention is always better than cure; therefore, anti-ageing creams used from the very beginning of your mid-20s save your time & money, and you will be less likely to encounter dermal issues and undergo any facial services, maintaining healthy & firm skin. 

5) Increases your Self-Confidence & improves Skin health

The benefits we get from anti-ageing creams are for the outer appearance and our inner self. The self-confidence we get, seeing the creams working on our skin ageing concerns, is priceless! 

As it stimulates our confidence, it also works on improving our overall skin health. With all these advantages, we start to look and feel good in our skin, helping us appreciate ourselves in the long run. 

Now that we know enough about the benefits anti-ageing creams offer let us take you through some facial exercises to tighten up those face muscles & improve skin elasticity! 

We take our ‘body fitness’ VERY SERIOUSLY, but let us pay some attention to face fitness too. 

Our face has multiple small muscles that internally have muscle fibres, and as we grow older, these muscles become weak, making our skin sag. 

The concept behind the facial exercise is similar to that of exercises performed for the other body parts. It is believed that facial exercises tighten up the face muscles and help to tone the sagged skin. 

While face tools like Jade Rollers and Guashas have been gaining all popularity (for all the right reasons too), when combined with anti-ageing creams, stimulate the skin tightening process and help reap the maximum benefits of the product.

But if you only want to take the help of simple facial exercises, these are for you! 

  • Cheekbone Sculpting
    • Smile while you keep your lips pressed together
    • Force your cheek muscles upwards
    • Put your fingers on the corners of the mouth and slide them to the top of your cheeks.
    • Hold this position for 20 seconds and repeat these steps for a minute. 
  • Cheek Lifter
    • Open your mouth and form an O
    • Pull your upper lip over your top teeth and smile to lift the cheek muscles.
    • Place your fingers on the top of the cheeks and stretch your skin.
    • Keep your fingers in place and relax your muscles.
    • Repeat this by lowering and lifting your cheek muscles for about a minute. 

    There are a wide variety of facial exercises available to add to your routine, these being the basic ones. Add an anti-ageing cream to your skincare routine, relax your skin muscles with a Jade Roller and practise these facial exercises to accelerate the skin lifting & firming process!

    Written by Lotus Herbals