December 30, 2022

Top Skincare products eyeryone loved in 2022

We live in an age where skincare and wellness both go hand in hand. The importance of skincare products lies in the fact they help you maintain healthy skin and take care of skin problems. This plays a significant role in deciding which products will be our favourites. Here are some of the products that gained immense popularity simply because they are great for the skin and are perfect for daily use. Some of these products are  all-time favourites  and some new craze in town. Here are our top skincare products that everyone loved in 2022. 

We love hydrating face wash!

 Cleansing your face with a mild face wash is the first most important step of your skincare ritual. It is always wise to choose a face wash that deep cleanses your skin and hydrates at the same time. Lotus Whiteglow 3-in-1 Deep cleansing Skin Brightening Facial Foam is a great face wash that fulfils our wishes. This face wash is  enriched with aloe vera and milk enzymes that will deeply cleanse and yet hydrate your skin  profoundly. It softly removes the dirt, grimes and  excess oil from your  skin , getting rid of dirt and grimes on your skin. This soothing face wash will clean your skin and at the same time keeps the skin hydrated in the process. 

Face creams are back!

 Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Brightening Gel Cream SPF 25 PA+++ is one of the best kinds of face cream. This gel cream has an amazing formula that fights the harsh sun rays and effectively removes suntan. The mulberry, saxifrage, and grape extracts infused in the products make the skin bright and improve the texture of the skin. This skin-brightening creme is our new favourite. 

You can nourish your skin at night also. With the night therapy of Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Advanced Pink Glow Brightening Night Cream, the skin will become more supple and hydrated. Exotic Bulgarian Rose & Saxifraga extracts repair your skin cells at night and make your skin soft and glowing

Treating with Nourishment is Always in Trend   

Moisturisers now are not what they used to be.  Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Activating Moisturiser is one of the most popular moisturising creams of 2022. It is made of ginger and ginseng which help battle the skin damaging free-radicals. Equipped with anti-ageing properties, this moisturiser goes into the deep layer of your facial skin and lets the moisturiser stay there. Even though this moisturiser is cream-based, it is not greasy or sticky. This moisturising cream hydrates and nourishes your skin from within, locking moisture for a long time. 

Eternal love for Sunscreens

Sunscreen is our constant favourite in 2022. They are our ultimate protectors against the harsh UV rays that damage the skin in many ways. Sun damage leads to premature ageing and sun tan. Our top favourite sunscreen cream of 2022 is Safe Sun Silk Touch Mattifying UV Crème SPF 50 works very well regarding sun damage on your skin.  This product decreases the chances of tanning and premature skin ageing.  The texture of this sunscreen is smooth and that is why it gets absorbed quickly into the skin. This sunscreen effectively shield your skin from the scorching sun rays. Additionally, this product is suitable for all skin types. 

The most loved serum of 2022

Our hero product of 2022 is Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow VITAMIN-C + Gold RADIANCE SERUM. This vitamin C serum works wonders on your skin and improves skin texture and tone. This serum  improves collagen production in your facial skin and makes the skin firm. This antibacterial and antioxidant face serum absorbs quickly into your skin and gives your face nourishment The best part? This product works for all skin types! 

Facial Packs for Wholesome Care 

We all love a pack containing products for wholesome skincare. Lotus WhiteGlow Vitamin-C Radiance Pack is a good option for those who cannot choose individual products for their daily skincare routine. This facial pack has Vitamin-C radiance face Wash  for deep cleansing of skin,  Vitamin-C Radiance Creme SPF 20 I PA+++ for nourishment and a specially formulated face oil. Ths facial pack will help you to get rid of dirt and grim and nourish your skin as well. 

Facial kits forever 

This year we found a great facial kit. This is a Lotus Radiant Gold Cellular Glow Salon Grade 4 facial kit. This gold facial kit gives you an instant golden glow and provides deep nourishment to your skin. This product is made of the goodness of 24 K gold leaves and papaya extracts, this product helps you fight sun damage and fine lines. 

Anti-ageing Products will never out of trend

With a new year, you’ll grow a little older. To prevent skin ageing, we want some effective solutions. Lotus Herbals has the YouthRx Bestseller Pack to make your skin as youthful and beautiful as your heart is. The pack consists of YouthRx Active Anti Ageing Foaming Gel, YouthRx PH Balancing Multi-Active Toner and YouthRx Anti Ageing Transforming Cream SPF 25. The foaming gel makes your skin clean and firm. On the other hand, Multi-active toner repairs damaged skin cells and rejuvenates skin elasticity. The transforming cream gives you protection from sun damage and makes it softer. 

These are the top skincare products that we loved in 2022.This year we discovered some new-age skin serums  and anti-ageing products. We believe that some of these products have already found their permanent place in our heart. Let us know which ones are your favourite skincare products.

Written by Lotus Herbals