Lotus Herbals Groom Your Baby Bundle Combo

Gentle Cleansing Shampoo 200ml X 1, 100% Chemical Free Baby Sunscreen 100g X1, Feathery Pecks Creme 50gm X 1, No-Talc powder 200gm X1, Baby Soap 75gmX1
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Groom Your Baby Bundle is an ideal solution to cater to the needs of your baby’s skin. It comes in a natural formulation, free from sulphates & preservatives, and contains no parabens & petroleum. It is Pediatrician-Recommended, approved & trusted by Mothers, making it a safe solution for your baby’s delicate skin. It has no PEGs/Phthalates & is also free from synthetic fragrance and colour that may irritate the baby’s skin.

 Groom Your Baby with the following products- 

Lotus Baby Gentle Cleansing Shampoo (Net Qty- 200ml) is curated with Calendula & Chamomile extracts that take care of your baby’s tender scalp and cleanses it thoroughly. The Tear-Free Formulation ensures a pleasant bathing experience for your baby. 

Lotus Herbals Baby Sunscreen with SPF 20 (Net Qty- 100g)provides unparalleled protection to your baby’s delicate skin from harmful sun exposure and prevents sunburns. In addition, it is 100% free from chemicals making it a safe choice for your tiny ones. 

Lotus Herbals Baby Love Sprinkle Powder (Net Qty- 200g) is specially curated for your baby’s sensitive skin to keep it fresh and soft throughout the day. In addition, the ‘No Talc’ formulation keeps the baby’s skin rash-free and maintains the skin moisture. 

Lotus Herbals Baby Feathery Pecks Soft Baby Cream (Net Qty- 50g) is specially formulated with the goodness of pH 5.5 that forms a natural skin barrier and helps treat the baby's sensitive skin.

Lotus Bubbles Gentle Bathing Soap (Net Qty- 75g) is enriched with the goodness of Olive Oil & Shea Butter. It offers natural protection from germs and bacteria, keeping the baby’s skin supple & smooth. "


Lotus Herbals Groom Your Baby Bundle Combo


  • Helps Sleep
  • Drop
    Moisturises & Nourishes
100% Chemical free sunscreen gently protects baby's skin from Harmful effects of the Sun. Gentle shampoo cleanses & leaves baby's hair soft & smooth, feathery pecks crème for Moisturizing dry skin, No-talc powder which keeps skin fresh & soft & Baby Soap which cleans & nourishes soft baby skin.

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How to use?

    Step 1: Apply "BABY+ Gentle Cleansing Shampoo" on baby's hair. Gently wash off the lather with water. Keep out of reach of eyes. It has a unique No tears formula.


    Step 2: Clean up your baby's skin and gently pat it dry. Now apply "Baby+ Feathery pecks Soft Baby Crème" in dots over the face. Gently massage the crème into the skin and reapply as necessary. 


    Step 3: Now apply "BABY+ 100% Chemical free Sunscreen " in dots over the face & neck. Gently massage the crème into the skin and reapply as necessary. Step 4: Apply Baby+ No-Talc powder for keeping the skin Fresh & soft. 

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