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Lotus Herbals Mom's Love & Pamper Kit

Baby Body Lotion 200mlX1, Gentle Cleansing Shampoo 200mlX1,100% Chemical free Baby Sunscreen 100gmX1
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Lotus Herbals Mom’s Love & Pamper Kit is bestowed with every mothers’ trust and curated for the wellness of your baby’s skin needs. It comes in a natural formulation, free from sulphates & preservatives, and contains no parabens & petroleum. It is Pediatrician-Recommended, approved & trusted by Mothers, making it a safe solution for your baby’s delicate skin. It has no PEGs/Phthalates & is also free from synthetic fragrance and colour that may irritate the baby’s skin. 

Lotus Herbals Mom’s Love & Pamper Kit consists of the following products- 

Lotus Baby Tender Touch Baby Body Lotion is specially formulated with the goodness of pH 5.5 that forms a natural skin barrier and helps treat the baby's sensitive skin. Rich in Olive Butter & Calendula Extracts, it penetrates smoothly and delivers unparalleled protection and moisture to the baby’s skin. 

Lotus Herbals Baby Gentle Cleansing Shampoo is curated with Calendula & Chamomile extracts that take care of your baby’s tender scalp and cleanses it thoroughly. The Tear-Free Formulation ensures a pleasant bathing experience for your baby. 

Lotus Herbals Baby Sunscreen with SPF 20 provides unparalleled protection to your baby’s delicate skin from harmful sun exposure and prevents sunburns. In addition, it is 100% free from chemicals making it a safe choice for your tiny ones. "

100% Chemical free sunscreen gently protects baby's skin from Harmful effects of the Sun. Gentle shampoo cleanses & leaves baby's hair soft & smooth, Tender touch body lotion for Moisturizing dry skin, feathery pecks soft baby creme for nourishment & soft baby skin, With natural Cornstarch No-talc powder which keeps skin soft & dry, Gentle & refreshing wipes for on the go cleansing & Protection from Rashes with happy bums diaper Rash creme.

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How to use?

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    Step 1: Apply "BABY+ Gentle Cleansing Shampoo" on baby's hair. Gently wash off the lather with water. Keep out of reach of eyes. It has a unique No tears formula.


    Step 2: Clean up your baby's skin and gently pat it dry. Now apply "BABY+ Tender Touch Baby Body Lotion" in dots over the face, neck and body. Gently massage the lotion into the skin and reapply as necessary. 


    Step 3: Clean up your baby's face and gently pat it dry. Use "100% Chemical free Baby Sunscreen" for protection against UVA & UVB rays before going outdoors & while indoors as well and reapply as necessary. 

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