July 29, 2023

Bold, Playful, and Glamorous: Lotus Lipsticks to Elevate Your Look this Lipstick Day!

Lipstick Day? Yes, you read it right. The US celebrates 29 July every year as National Lipstick Day. But why? To celebrate the colours and the cosmetic that symbolises beauty and femininity. With time, lipsticks represent beauty but have become more gender-neutral, letting everyone define their beauty.

Lipsticks are the ultimate beauty weapon that transforms your look with just one swipe. There is lipstick for every mood and every occasion. Whether you are feeling fierce, playful, glamorous, chic, or even dull, there is a lipstick shade to match your mood. For the day celebrating the colours, let's explore and embrace some happy colours and stunning shades that will take your beauty game to a new level.

The Power and Sophistication of Bold Reds

Nothing exudes timeless sophistication and confidence like classic red lipstick. There is no better beginning to celebrate Lipstick Day with a bold red shade and make a statement wherever you go. And why not? Bright red lips instantly take your looks to new heights, symbolizing confidence and power.

From fiery true reds to deep and sultry crimson, there's a red for every skin tone and occasion. A true red with a neutral undertone, Ecostay Natural Matte Lipcolor: Da Odil is amazing for a universally flattering look or a deep crimson liquid lipstick, Colorkick Liquid Matte LipColor CLM11, for your inner femme fatale. Red lips are the epitome of glamour and a must-have in your lipstick collection.

A swipe of red lipstick is enough to make heads turn – a perfect shade for a night out, a special event, or simply when you want to make a statement!

Playful Pinks for Fun Days

For days when you want to embrace your playful side, look no further than playful pink lipsticks. The first shade you must have tried, the Barbie tones of pink, is every girl's first love. This shade reflects youthfulness, romance, and fun, elevating your femininity and gentleness.

From soft and subtle pinks to vibrant and daring fuchsias, pink lipsticks are versatile and complement a wide range of skin tones. Choose a light or pastel pink Ecostay Matte Lip Lacquer: Soft Pink for a sweet and innocent look, or go bold with a hot pink, Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Color: Rosetta for a fun and flirty touch. 

Brighten up your dull days with a pop of pink colour lipstick shades to your face, adding a sense of fun and youthfulness to your appearance.

Go Subtle with the Trending Nudes

If subtle sophistication is what you want, nude lipsticks are the way to go. The power of nude lipstick shades is to enhance natural beauty without overpowering your look. They are incredibly versatile to complement any makeup look – a staple in your vanity!   

You only need to pick the lipstick colour that closely matches your natural lip tone for a 'lips but better effect.' From light beige, Proedit Silk Touch Matte Lip Color: Nude Nature, to deeper taupe shades, Proedit Lip Plumper + Gloss: Sun Kissed isare perfect for sophisticatedly enhancing your beautyly. 

Go beyond formal and subtle looks, and embrace nude lipsticks with bright and bold makeup to draw attention to your best feature naturally!

The Adventures of Vivid Oranges and Corals

If you want to make a bold statement without going overboard, vibrant oranges and corals are the perfect choices. These tones in matte lipstick are perfect for experimenting with colour without really leaving your comfort zone. And what does it do to your look? An instant bright-up to your face with the love of youthful glow. 

The orange lipstick shades exude warmth and vibrancy, ideal for summer days or a pop of colour to your makeup look. Opt for matte lipstick shades like juicy tangerine, Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Color: Mandarin Madness, Tropical Coral, and Proedit Liquid Matte Lip Color PLC09; these will surely bring a radiant glow to your face.

Bring a burst of energy to your ensemble for the love of summer.

Bring on Some Drama with Dark Berries and Plums

When you are in the mood to add drama to your look, dark berry, and plum lipsticks are the ones you should be counting on. These shades are perfect for special occasions or when you want to stand out from the crowd. Some associate it with the gothic look, and some with sheer sophistication; these lipstick shades have many opinions, though loved by all.

Pair these shades with a simple eye makeup to let your lips take center stage. Deep plum lips, Ecostay Matte Lip Lacquer: Plum Berry, exude mystery and elegance, while dark berries, Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Color: Burgundy Bliss, offer a touch of gothic glam. These rich and opulent shades are perfect for creating a bold and alluring look, the ideal choice for a night out or a special event.

Beyond the lip shades, look for lipsticks that look fabulous and feel comfortable to wear. Invest in long-lasting formulas that won't fade or smudge easily. Matte lipsticks last long, while cream and butter lipsticks offer hydration and a sheen finish. Don't remember to prep your lips with a gentle exfoliation and a hydrating lip balm before applying lipstick for a smooth and flawless application.

Lipstick Day is the perfect excuse to unleash your inner beauty and explore the world of bold, playful, and glamorous lipsticks. Embrace the power of lipstick to express your unique style and celebrate the beauty of self-expression every day. Go ahead and experiment with different shades and have fun!

Written by Lotus herbals