February 24, 2022

Everything You Want To Know About Makeup Primer

Even after using the best foundation and concealer and blending it well, there are times when you feel there’s something not right with your makeup. It is either fading and oxidising after a few hours or appearing creasy and uneven. Having a face with smudged and cakey makeup after spending considerable time applying it can be a huge disappointment for anyone.

All these makeup issues have just one solution – primer! No matter how luxurious and expensive your foundation is, your makeup won’t look perfect and photogenic without a primer. Just a small dollop of a good, rather best face primer can effectively blur your pores, smoothen out your skin, and help your makeup glide on your skin beautifully.

What is Face Makeup Primer?

A primer is that essential makeup product that creates an extra layer between your skin and the makeup products you’re going to put on your face. A primer is that insurance that safeguards your time and efforts on makeup and prevents it from creasing and settling in your fine lines. A primer:

  • Smoothens your skin’s surface
  • Evens out your skin tone
  • Cover skin’s large pores
  • Covers fine lines on the skin
  • Helps makeup glide and blend well on your skin
  • Prevents it from fading and oxidising

Is a Face Primer an Important Step in Makeup?

Yes! We’re sure you’ve seen makeup primers multiple times at beauty corners in malls and stores and often wondered, “What are these and do I really need them?” Just bearing this extra expense of an additional makeup product and adding this small step to your every day or specific makeup routine makes a whole lot of difference.

The most beautiful part about a face primer is that it combines the best of both worlds – makeup and skincare. It acts as a beautiful base on your skin before applying any makeup, and it helps the makeup slide into your skin like a charm. It ends up making your skin look healthy and increases the length of time the makeup stays on.

How to Apply Makeup Primer?

Follow the below simple steps to know how to apply a makeup primer and make your makeup stay all day long without having to touch up or minimising it.

  • Prep Your Skin Well
  • If you want your makeup to look flawless and spot-on, this is an important and unmissable step. Prepping your skin well before the makeup ensures half of the job is already done. Prepping your skin involves the following steps:

    1. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face well and get rid of all dirt, grime, impurities, and grease on your face. Make sure your face is squeaky clean with no makeup residue from previously. A clean and washed face is a beautiful canvas to start painting on.
    2. Exfoliate your skin well before applying any makeup. However, this is an optional step, and you can miss it if you’ve exfoliated or scrubbed your skin in the last 48-72 hours.
    3. Apply a gentle and lightweight moisturiser on your face to keep it hydrated. Choose a product that has a lighter consistency. Allow it to sit and sink well into your skin before proceeding to the next step.
  • Applying Primer
  • Once your skin is well prepped, take a small amount of primer at the back of your hand and simply tap on your face with your fingertips. Now blend it gently into your skin, blending from the nose to outwards. Don’t rub it too much into the skin, as it may disappear in your hands.

    Once it’s thoroughly blended, covering your entire face and neck, let it sit for 2 minutes. You have to allow the primer to sink in well into the face and create a smooth canvas. Once it is well settled, your skin will look smooth and luminous. It will help your foundation blend and sit better. Your pores and fine lines will be visibly reduced, redness will be gone, and your skin texture will be smoothened out.

    Tips to Make the Best Use of Your Makeup Primer

    Before we move on to tell you which is the best face makeup primer, let’s find out some tips on getting the most out of your primer:

    • Less is more when it comes to primer. Take a tiny dollop of face primer and let it blend nicely into your skin.
    • Make sure your skin is well prepped and moisturised before using a makeup primer.
    • Always make sure you’re on the same types of primer and foundation. If you’re using a water-based gel foundation, make sure your primer is also water-based. This will help your makeup base hold together for longer hours without separating.
    • Apply primer around and under your eyes too. Apply it on your eyelids, too, to help stay your eye makeup longer. It also prevents folds and creases in the eye makeup.

    How to Choose the Best Makeup Primer for My Skin?

    Before heading out to the store or buying makeup primer online, understand your skin type well. Here’s how you can find the perfect makeup primer for your skin:

    • If you have dry, itchy, and flaky skin, pick a primer that is hydrating. Look for the cues on the bottle like soothing, hydrating, and replenishing.
    • If you have oily skin, pick a mattifying primer that controls the oil production on your face and minimises shine.
    • If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, go for primers with water-based texture and content.
    • Always pick up primers formulated with nourishing ingredients like Japanese Sakura and Vitamin E.

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    Written by Lotus Herbals