May 25, 2023

Keep Your Makeup Fresh All Day: 7 Hacks for Summer

Frown not the makeup mavens! We know the summers are here, and they are cruel not only to your skin but also to ruin your party plans. With the summer heat, soaring high heat waves, and the hot sun taking away the marvel look of your, all you could wish for is a saviour! Relax, leave your worries to us, and slay the summer with a glowing face that stays fresh from sunrise to sunset. We've got you some fabulous hacks to keep your makeup fresh, waterproof, and sweatproof and save it from gliding away to summer sweat. Read along to unlock the secrets of new summer makeup, from the best foundation for Indian skin to the best lipsticks; these tips will keep you summer-hassle-free for pool parties, beach days, or a shopping spree! 

Prime Like a Pro

It is the holy grail of long-lasting makeup. Primer acts as a second layer of skin to your face, protecting your face from sun damage. It prevents the melting down of makeup by acting as a barrier between skin and heat, keeping makeup in place all day long. Start the summer makeup routine by applying a primer suited for your skin type, Ecostay Insta Smooth Mattifying Perfecting Primer. It creates a smooth canvas, blurs imperfections, and gives the foundation a better base. With primer, your makeup will be ready to withstand anything, the summer sweat and heat.

Breathable Through Lightweight Summer Foundations 

Summer is all about lightweight makeup and an effortless look. Heavy makeup won't let your skin breathe, so keep your heavy foundation aside and go for lighter gel alternatives, Ecostay Radiant Gel Foundation. You can also go for tinted moisturizers, Nutraglow Tinted Moisturiser - Bright Angel, or BB creams, Xpress Glow Daily Beauty 10-In-1 Cream SPF 25 - Royal Pearl, with a matte finish to keep summer light. These formulas provide coverage without suffocating your skin, allowing it to breathe in the summer heat. Remember to fully cover your face, temple area, chin, neck, and ears to even out your skin tone.

Conceal the Imperfections

The best face concealer, Ecostay Insta Hide Crème Concealer, for the summer season, is the one that is light yet hydrating, keeping your skin nourished throughout the day. Cover the dark circles, blemishes, spots, and other marks with the concealer for an even skin tone and flawless perfection. Do not skip the concealer for your minimal makeup. It smoothes out the skin tone and gives you an even-toned look instantly without being heavy on the skin.

Say No to Oily Shine

Another common problem the summer sun gets along with is turning the T-zone into oil barrels. Take control of the oil problem using oil-controlling products or products specially curated for oily skin. Use pressed powders, Proedit Silk Touch Perfecting Powder, to check excess oil and make your makeup look fresh. For a matte finish, lightly dust the powder on the face, focusing on the T-zone to eliminate unwanted shine and make the summer look flawless.

Go Easy on Layers

For the summer makeup, less is more. The summer heat can quickly melt off the heavy layers of makeup. No makeup look or a minimalist approach will help you fight the summer heat and keep the problems of makeup sweating away at bay. Throw the focus on your natural features with a touch of a neutral face blush, Ecostay Long-Lasting Silky-Smooth Blush Love – Caffeine, a nude highlighter, Proedit Silk Touch Blush Highlighter Duo - Paradise Petal, and a swipe of liquid matte lipstick, Colorkick Liquid Matte LipColor. Let your skin breathe and radiate that effortless summer glow. Keep it light and fresh, and let your natural beauty shine through!

Set It and Forget It

Lock up the fresh look with a setting spray, Finish-Up Dewy Makeup Fixer, and Mist. It will keep your makeup intact throughout the day, minimising the need for frequent touch-ups. Once you have perfected the look for the day, give your face a generous spritz of setting spray. Keeping your makeup put for the day also adds a refreshing burst of hydration that keeps you fresh all day. Carry a setting spray in your bag to calm the skin on hot afternoons, and wear the freshness that keeps you going through the day's hustle!

Waterproofing the Freshness

What goes in summers beyond sweating are beach days and spontaneous pool parties to relieve the summer heat. What requires more here is to ensure your makeup doesn't wash away with the fun splashes. Waterproof makeup products are your lifeguard here. Fill your cart with waterproof mascaras, Maxlash Botanical Mascara – Black, and eyeliners, Colorkick Eye Liner Azure Mermaid, to save the makeup from washing away so you can dive deeper into the summer fun.

The Touch-Ups

Touch-ups are required if you plan to wear them for the whole day or rush around to meet the many errands. Carry in your bag your pouch vanity for a quick fix of makeup on the run to a party after a hectic work day at the office. Take the best Ecostay Natural Matte Lipcolor – Peony lipstick, glide it on the lips, and rock the selfie pout gracefully.

Make your summers fun-filled with these makeup tips to keep your look fresh all day! Let us know your favourite summer makeup hack, and we will return with more!

Written by Lotus herbals