April 27, 2022

Know the difference between Highlighter & Illuminator

Any beauty routine or makeup planning is incomplete without a highlighter or illuminator. Both enhance your skin tone but act differently on your epidermis. Besides, both follow a unique application technique. 

This blog describes the role of highlighter and illuminator in redefining beauty and makeup trends, applying them, and choosing products for your makeup routine. 


Enhancing facial features is the primary feature of any beauty product. It provides a stunning transformation, redefining your fashion statement. The role of any highlighter is to emphasise a specific section of your face, for example, cheekbones. Illuminator cream adds an extra glow that makes your skin dewy without additional beauty products. 

Highlighter: Everything You Need to Know

Highlighter is a makeup product that beautifully reflects light upon application, giving an instant pop to your features. Using a highlighting product makes some areas of your face like cheekbones, cupid's bow, nose length, and nose bridge more prominent than others. 

Individuals having deep-seated eyes or a perfect jawline can further enhance their features using a highlighter. Available in multi-shades, highlighting products can turn heads wherever you go. 

Illuminator Cream: Overview

Illuminator cream adds an extra glow to your natural skin. You can apply an illuminator to your entire face, unlike highlighters. It makes your skin shine and glistens when under light, adding an enhanced highlight to your body. Besides, it adds radiance to your skin, preserves moisture, and makes it appear plump. 

How Is an Illuminator Cream Different From a Highlighter?

Although illuminator cream imparts radiance, it's different from highlighting products based on ingredients, function, properties and mechanism. Both have a unique purpose in enhancing the beauty, and here's more about their differences:

Role of Highlighter and Prominence

Nothing enhances your face like highlighters. Highlighting products concentrate light in the area, making it stand out from the rest of your face. It adds sharpness to the parts upon application, meaning observers would spot them first when they look at your face. 

Illuminators Provide Radiance 

 Nothing turns heads more than a flawless skin tone! Illuminator cream reflects light uniformly, imparting the illusion of an underlying glow. Instead of highlighting a specific part, it adds radiance over the entire skin, making it look natural and perfect. 

Highlighting Products - Available in a Lighter Shade

Highlighting products are available in various shades. Since it's a concentrating beauty product, the mild tone ensures you don't appear overdone. 

Illuminators - Glimmering Tonality

Illuminators have a slightly dark tone than natural skin, best applied when mixed with foundation and primers. Illuminators on your skin add a gleaming touch, meaning it doesn't overdo your makeup but provides an inner glow. 

The Final Touch

The Final Touch of Highlighters - Intensity

Highlighters impart intensity to your looks. Bold and smoky eyes, sharp jawlines or a prominent nose ridge could make you a standout with an optimum highlighter. 

Before applying, deep cleanse if you have oily skin. Since highlighting products impart prominence with intensity, it's best to maintain uniformity to prevent extra and unwanted shine. 

The Final Touch of Illuminator Cream - A Subtle Radiance 

Illuminator cream on the right skin tone can impart more prominence than a highlighter. It doesn't make you appear loud nor add intensity to your face. 

Applying an illuminator imparts a subtle radiance. This simple uniform glow is itself a style statement with or without makeup since flawless and glowing skin tone always leads among beauty trends. 

What Suits You?

Who Should Use a Highlighter?

If you believe in personality traits, the same applies to makeup. Highlighting products best suits personalities comfortable with bold makeup. These serve as a prominent fashion beauty statement to establish your presence in the crowd. Applying an illuminator cream proportion can make a perfect first impression. 

Who Should Apply Illuminator Cream? 

Illuminators best serve those who believe in the simplicity of beautiful glowing skin. Introverts or observing personalities are best suited to use illuminator cream. Given the passive nature and their lack of interest in interaction, the unique glow and radiance add a mysterious aura that is unmissable the moment they step out in the crowd. 

Where to Buy the Best Illumination Cream and Highlighters?

Not sure which highlighter/illuminator cream is trustworthy? Lotus Makeup is a prominent beauty brand that stands out for its commitment to 100% natural sourced cosmetics. 

Try Lotus Makeup ECOSTAY CC+ Illuminating Creme SPF-30 Bare Light 25g IC02. With jojoba oil and green pea extracts, this cream enhances radiance, moisturises, and hides dark spots. The cream also provides SPF 30 sun protection. For highlighter, check out their strobe creme. Lotus Makeup Proedit Silk Touch Glow Strobe Cream SC1 Gold is a unique combination imparting highlight and radiance. 100% paraben-free, this creme comprises the natural extracts of Japanese Sakura and white mulberry enriched with vitamin E. Oth the products are suitable for all skin types.


Beauty products are an essential part of the daily skincare routine. Thanks to dynamic beauty trends, highlighters, and illuminating products have grown into personal beauty statements. 

Always use cosmetics made of natural extracts. Besides, clean your face and makeup before you sleep. Invest in a healthy diet and optimum sleep (the secret to flawless skin) and consult a skin expert to contain any dermal anomalies. 

Written by Lotus Herbals