March 27, 2023

Prepare Your Oily Skin Flawlessly with These Top-Performing Primers

Face primer forms the base for every makeup. They include the link between your skin and makeup and help keep the makeup in place. The wonders primers do to your face is to even out the skin tone and texture. They perfectly hide the pores, fine lines, and facial wrinkles forming a smooth base. 

Primer is applied after your routine skincare products and before using any makeup, or it is the first product that needs to be applied for makeup. What challenges most of the time is the excessive sebum production, making skin oily. Those with oily skin know the pain of slipping off the makeup and the struggle to keep it intact. The difference between glowing and greasy skin is quite visible, and no one wants to look and feel caged in oily skin on their best days. Of course, the best days are every day! 

Your search for the best primer for oily skin ends here. We have come up with some tips to be considered while you are picking up primer for your oily skin that will be your key to smooth and shining skin:

Go for matte primers

The best primer is to use a mattifying one. A matte primer neutralises the shine areas due to oil on the skin. It smoothens the skin well by covering pores and fine lines. This gives skin a smooth texture and even out the skin tone. It also nourishes the skin appropriately and minimises the chances of the appearance of patches and making the skin too tight that you feel caged with the pulling of the skin. We recommend Ecostay Insta Smooth Mattifying Perfecting Primer for its oil-free formula and lightweight that form the suitable base for the foundation. 

Silicone or no silicone

Silicone is the essential ingredient for the best primer in India, as it is responsible for giving skin a smooth and even texture. It has water-resistant properties and provides a good base for the makeup to stick on. Despite the advantages and being the core ingredient of a face primer, many people feel itch and irritation on the skin. We recommend going for a silicone-free primer that is widely in the market these days if you have oily, sensitive skin. 

Look for salicylic acid

One of the common problems that oily skin comes with is acne. The oil-clogged pores attract dust and microorganisms, leading to breakouts. It is observed that silicone primers clog the pores deeply which multiplies bacterial formation causing more acne. Switching to salicylic acid primers can help keep the skin clean and radiant. The ingredient helps in clearing the skin and keeping it healthy. 

Gel primer

Another excellent option for oily skin is to get a gel primer. It comes as a grease-free and oil-free formula that is usually transparent to translucent tone, which matches the skin tone at best. Gel-based primers do not clog the skin and add a smooth layer on the skin that helps in gliding the makeup effortlessly and keeping it in place for long hours. Gel controls the oil formation and does not melt down or sweat away.

Creme primer too

No doubt, cream primer is not meant for oily skin, but light cream formulas can be another suitable option. A combination of oily and sensitive skin may be flaky with other primers. It needs nourishment while balancing the oils on the skin. What comes in handy in this situation is a light cream-based oil-free formula that hydrates the skin but keeps the excess oil in control. Lotus primer, Proedit Silk Touch Luminizing Primer, is an all-skin type primer that balances the skin's oils and gives it an illuminating effect. 

If things need to be more technical for you, check this simple way of picking the best face primer by checking the labels. Any label that reads 'mattifying,' 'silky,' or 'velvety' is formulated to control excess oil. These will keep oily skin problems at bay and give you radiant skin. 

With these words, check for 'light formula' or 'oil-free' or 'light weight' and similar words to get the best primer for your oily skin. Labels play the proper role in knowing your product and getting you the right fit. And when you are reading through the labels, check for paraben-free and preservative-free vegan makeup products that are gentle on your skin and contributes to keeping your skin healthy and radiant. 

Written by Lotus Herbals