June 01, 2023

The 2 -Minute Eyebrow Makeover: Tips and Tricks

Eyebrows are one feature of the face, instantly uplifting the look of the face. They are the facial expressions that do much talking, expressing many emotions in an instant! Remember parents or teachers raising their eyebrows, and that would do all the talking? What attracts many are the thick brows that add definition to the face. Those who struggle with thin ones find their savior in eyebrow pencils to help them make their brows look thicker and fuller.


Talking about thin eyebrows, there are possibilities of the reason for it. A primary reason could be overplucking or trimming. Excessive grooming weakens hair follicles, resulting in sparse brow hairs or reduced growth. Along with overplucking and excessive makeup use, stress, medical conditions, and deficiencies are controllable reasons. In contrast, although genetics, ageing, or natural shape cannot be changed, makeup products can fix it.

Let’s dive deep into the makeup world and understand some eyebrow makeup products to give you the desired look.

Step 1: Remove only the Excess

There are many ways to shape eyebrows, and threading is the most common one. While threading or using tweezers, pick out only the excess ones. Put some gel on your brows and shape them toward their hair growth. Then pluck out only those that do not fall in line. With thin brows, the best way to keep them as natural as possible; shaping them would make them even thinner. 

Step 2: Groom them a Little

Many people have eyebrows growing in multiple directions, making them look messy. Take the brow brush and set them in one direction, from the inner side to moving outwards, with soft strokes. When the brow hairs are shaped in one direction, they look neat and dense. The volume it exhibits makes eyebrows look fuller and thicker. 

Step 3: Set the Shape

This is the most crucial part that'll define the final look of your face. The first thing to consider is the starting point of the eyebrow. Put the brow pencil from the crook of your nose up straight to fix the starting point. Next, set the arch – use the brow pencil at angle from the side of the nose, lining with the eye's iris to the eyebrows, to find the midpoint. The midpoint is the highest point of the arch. Coming to the ending point of the eyebrow, set the angle from the side of the nose, marking the end of the tail. The tail can be extended up to the beginning of the head; any point below it will give a droopy look to the eyes. 

Step 4: Outline the Brows

Once you have marked the points, it is time to connect the dots using the best eyebrow pencil. Use short, gentle strokes of straight lines to connect the dots and set the shape of the eyebrow. Thoroughly outline your eyebrows, a little on the outside, to shape them right and make them look thicker. 

Step 5: Fill in the Spaces

Once you have set the shape of the brows, use a definer to fill in the sparse spaces for a dense look. Use the fine tip of Ecostay Perfect Brow Definer BD-2 Natural Noir to create short and thin hairlike strokes to fill in the space covering the outline of the eyebrow. Once you have filled in the space, use the spoolie to blend and finish the look. 

Ecostay brow definer comes with a unique wax formula of olive wax and castor oil, making the brows appear naturally fuller with easy strokes. The goodness of natural ingredients promotes blood flow, controls hair fall, and encourages hair growth. The spoolie is exclusively designed to give a high-definition look with precision, enhancing the application process. The product is waterproof and lasts long. It is paraben-preservative-free and dermatologically tested to keep your eyes safe and let them shine brighter. 

Step 6: Finish with Highlighting 

The last step for your eyebrow makeup is to use pressed powder, a shade lighter than your skin tone, on the area around the lower line of the eyebrow, Proedit Silk Touch Perfecting Powder – Cashew. This will make the eyebrows appear fuller and more dense and draw attention towards them. 

Voila! There you are with the desired eyebrow shape! These steps may sound lengthy or cumbersome, but you will be through in a few minutes when you begin. We suggest using almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or caster oil in your daily night skincare routine to improve the growth of your eyebrows, making them thicker naturally. Stay gorgeous!

Written by Lotus herbals