February 24, 2022

Winter Makeup Essentials for Dull & Dry Skin

While each season comes with its own skin challenges, the most annoying one faced by dry-skinned beauties in winters is choosing makeup products. With the cold air stripping off the moisture from your face, you’d need more than a heavy-duty tinted moisturiser to have glowing skin. One of the primary concerns about dry skin makeup in winters is that it shouldn’t appear flaky or ashy.

However, before even starting with the makeup in winters, prep your skin well with moisturiser. It is as important as applying a foundation or a concealer for a makeup base. Winter skin and makeup issues flare up rather bad if the skin beneath the layers of makeup isn’t hydrated well.

If you’re struggling with dry skin issues and are clueless about what should go inside your winter makeup vanity, here are some must-have dry skin makeup essentials to glow naturally in that sunny winter weather.

Winter Makeup Essentials for Dry Skin

  1. Strobe Moisturiser

A strobe cream or moisturiser makes your dry and dull skin look radiant and imparts a natural glow. After cleansing your face with a good hydrating face wash, seal your skin’s essential oils with a strobe moisturiser. You can use a strobe moisturiser as a base beneath your foundation or wear it alone for a dewy and glamorous makeup-free look. You can even mix it with your foundation and apply on your face and neck for luminous and hydrated skin.

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  1. Makeup Primer

Always prime your face with a good-quality makeup face primer for a flawless makeup base and smooth application. It is a must-have makeup product in winters for dry-skinned beauties because they need extra layers of hydration beneath makeup. While selecting a makeup primer for dry skin, look for the ones with a lightweight formula that minimises pores, makes the skin smooth for an effortless makeup application and blurs out all imperfections. A makeup primer is a must-have in all seasons, no matter the weather.

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  1. Hydrating Foundation

Hydrating foundations, over the years, have ensured that makeup is just an extension of skincare. While a hydrating primer and a strobe moisturiser are a must-have in your skincare vanity, it’s time to level up with a hydrating foundation for a flawless skin-on-skin effect.

Look for a lightweight, hydrating foundation that delivers a natural and flawless finish to your skin provides adequate coverage, and successfully blurs out the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores for even skin. A good foundation for dry skin must make it look brighter and radiant without drying it out. Go for the one that offers buildable coverage without making it look cakey.

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  1. BB Crème

BB cremes are a cool hybrid between foundations and skincare, and they have excelled at that. Some of us don’t want to wear a heavy foundation base and full coverage every day, and that is where BB cremes step in. They offer a sheerer coverage than foundations but are effective at blurring wrinkles, pores, and other imperfections.

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  1. Concealer

Finding a hydrating concealer for dry skin is a must because certain makeup products tend to dry out your skin and end up accentuating fine lines and dry patches. Make sure you pick a crème-based or liquid concealer, so it doesn’t settle into creases. If you opt for a hydrating concealer on dry skin, it conceals your skin without drying it out and effectively hides imperfections.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many good, hydrating and liquid-based concealers in India but if you manage to find one for yourself, make a permanent space in your winter makeup vanity.

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  1. Illuminator

A dollop of the right highlighter is enough to make your dry and dull skin look awake and glowing. When choosing a highlighter for dry skin, pick the ones with liquid or cream consistency, as those are great for a natural and dewy finish without making it look too shiny. Generally, while choosing an illuminating cream, opt for about two shades lighter than your original skin for a natural-looking finish.

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  1. Blush

Dry-skinned beauties know how challenging it can get to apply blush smoothly and evenly without looking patchy and fake. While picking the best blush for dry skin to add to your makeup vanity, go for the ones with crème consistency, much like foundation and concealer. The ones with microfine pigments are considered great at providing intense and long-lasting colour payoff as the superfine powder melts nicely into the skin, making it look rosy, flushed, and fresh.

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  1. Lip Plumper + Gloss

A lipstick, especially a mattifying one, can dry out your lips even more in winters, and the crème ones usually don’t survive on lips after 4-6 hours. The best solution here is to go with a product that makes your lips plumper and gives them a natural shine and a colour payoff. One such pathbreaking product is lip plumper + gloss that not just plump and enhance your lips but also transform them instantly. You can either opt for shiny, clear lip plumper + gloss or go with a pigmented one for a dash of colour.

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Dull and dry skin is a challenging skin type to handle, especially when it comes to choosing the right makeup products. However, the above makeup essentials are a breeze to sort your dry skin makeup issues in winters and are a must-have to include in your vanity. Nourishing, hydrating, and moisturising makeup products made with natural and soothing ingredients like vitamin E are your go-to makeup products for dry skin.

Written by Lotus Herbals