April 10, 2023

How to Create a Simple Skincare Routine with Lotus Herbal Products

Beauty has four main aspects: makeup, skincare, hair, and body care. And each of these has so many subcategories and options that it can get confusing for someone just starting. That's why most folks keep things simple or skip them altogether. But don't worry; all it takes is some knowledge to achieve the best skin you've ever had!

Nothing beats a solid skincare routine customized to your skin type if you want to keep your face looking its best. So let's kick off your skincare journey with the holy trinity of 'cleanse, tone, and moisturize,' plus the all-important sunscreen. Here is everything you need to follow to get gorgeous looking skin.

Why should you have a skincare routine?

It's crucial to have a solid skincare routine to make things easy-peasy and fun. It removes the guesswork of slapping on products and protects your skin from dirt, pollution, and harmful UV rays. So, ensure you have a routine to keep your skin healthy and protected. 

Understanding your skin type

There are four primary skin types that people should be aware of:

Normal Skin: This skin type is characterized by healthy oil production and circulation balance. It is relatively dry and oily.

Oily Skin: If your skin is oily, you may experience a greasy or shiny appearance. What this means is that your skin is prone to acne breakout and excess sebum production. Hence, choosing products that control oil build up is important.

Dry Skin: Dry skin feels rough, flaky and sometimes even tight, this can lead to irritation. Hence you need products that provide much-needed moisture.

Combination Skin: This is a mix skin type of both oily and dry. Typically you experience an oily T-zone (forehead,nose and chin) while the cheeks are dry. Here you need to pay special attention to different areas of your face. 

Look at the holy trinity of skincare, the Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing routine! The CTM routine with lotus skincare.


When we talk about anything related to skincare routine, cleansing is a must! Dirt and grime can create havoc on your skin, so choosing the right cleanser for your skin type is essential, like the Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Advanced Pink Glow Brightening Face Wash. Here are some beneficial tips to help you out:

  • Normal skin: Lucky you! Use any basic face wash with fruit extracts to keep your skin radiant.
  • Oily and combination skin: If you have oily patches on your forehead, nose, mouth, or chin, you'll want a refreshing, gel-based cleanser to eliminate excess oil.
  • Dry skin: A creamy, moisturizing cleanser is the way to go for dry skin.

Now that your cleanser is sorted, wet your face, massage the cleanser in, and rinse it off with cold water. Then gently pat dry your face with a towel, and you're ready!


If you're not dealing with dry skin, it's time to add toner to your routine! Toning is the perfect step to help remove excess oil and dirt from your skin. It also helps in unclogging your pore, thereby improving skin appearance. This step helps remove excess oil and dirt from your skin and unclogs your pores. Choose an alcohol-free toner to avoid over-drying your skin; try Lotus Herbals ROSETONE Rose Petals Facial Skin Toner. Here's how to do it:

  • Grab a cotton ball and pour a teaspoon of toner onto it.
  • Wipe the cotton ball all over your face, carefully around the eye area.
  • Voila! You're done toning and ready to move on to the next step.


Don't be fooled by oily skin - it still needs hydration to stay healthy and look its best. You may feel as though it is well-moisturized, but the oil build up doesn’t act as moisturization. Remember, even if you drink a lot of water, it doesn't always translate into hydration on the surface level of your skin. That's why using a moisturizer, or a skin-brightening cream is so essential! Here are some tips on picking the right one for your skin type:

  • Normal skin: You don't need anything too heavy, so go for a light day cream or an aloe vera lotion for your face that won't leave you feeling weighed down. Aloe vera is soothing for your skin and doesn’t feel heavy, it gets absorbed easily.
  • Combination or oily skin: Opt for a gel-like moisturizer that won't make you feel greasy or sticky. Gel-like moisturizer has all the right properties that will keep your sebum production at bay.

Also, consider these textures when selecting your sunscreen, like a vitamin c sunscreen- you don't want it to feel too heavy or leave a white cast on your skin. Use the Safe Sun Vitamin-C MatteGEL Daily Sunscreen SPF 50. With the right products, you can keep your skin looking and feeling amazing all day!

You can also add a layer of anti-ageing cream for more skin benefits!

So there you have it, the basics of building a simple yet effective skincare routine using Lotus Herbals products. While every skin type is different, it is essential to note that no matter your skin type, you still need a skincare routine. Take these tips from us and build a skincare regime that you religiously follow daily! Happy, healthy glowing skin to you!

Written by Lotus herbals