July 21, 2023

Start Following These 3 Skincare Habits To Look Young Forever

Ageing is as beautiful as it is inevitable! The harsh sun of the tropics, poor lifestyle choices, and pollution are some factors that can speed up the process, making it an overwhelming affair. 

Thankfully, today we know of science-backed ways to put the brakes on premature ageing and maintain the glow and health of your skin as you get wiser.  Let’s unveil the 3 anti-ageing glowing skin secrets of celebrities that are backed by science and recommended by the top-most dermatologist in the world. 

If you’re over 25, start following these habits right away to preserve your skin's youth. 

Skincare Habit #1 - Be Serious About Sunscreen 

Ever wondered what the sun does to your skin? Well, here are some of the significant ways that the sun impacts your skin - 

  • Youthful skin is packed with collagen and elastin - two types of proteins that give structure and elasticity to your skin making it stretchy and bouncy. Sun exposure breaks down these proteins leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin that lacks youthful bounce and tightness. 
  • Causes and darkens age spots. And worsens hyperpigmentation, especially around the mouth and under the eye region, making you look a lot older and tired than you are. 
  • Damages DNA structures in skin cells leading to increased risk of developing skin cancer. 

There is a straightforward skincare solution to protect your skin from the sun - Sunscreen! Dermatologists often consider it the most effective step to slow down ageing. 

Choosing a sunscreen that’s lightweight and comfortable to wear is essential if you want to stay consistent. The Lotus Safesun UltraRx Matte Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ and Lotus Safesun UltraRX Sunscreen Serum SPF 60 PA++++ are the perfect sunscreens for mature skin, especially during the summertime. 

The formulation's hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps fine lines to give a smoother look to your skin. It also has Cica and green tea extracts that are super-soothing and packed with antioxidants that fight the adverse effects of pollution and sun damage. 

Skincare Habit #2: Nature’s Retinol Every Night 

If there’s one proven anti-ageing skincare ingredient backed by 60 years of rich research, then it’s retinol. It is considered to be the gold standard of anti-ageing skincare. Unfortunately, it is super irritating and drying for the skin. So, most people give up on their retinol journey before even reaping the results. 

As always, nature has an answer to the problem - Bakuchiol! Nature’s retinol gives your skin all the benefits of retinol without the side effects. The YouthRx firm & bright face serum packs a powerful punch of Bakuchiol and Vitamin C to increase its efficacy and provide additional benefits. Consistent use of the serum will transform your skin in the following ways - 

  • Smooth existing fine lines and prevent them from getting deeper to form wrinkles. It does so by encouraging your skin to produce more collagen and elastin. 
  • It thickens and strengthens the skin with long-term use making it more damage-resistant. 
  • Clears up patchiness for even and brighter skintone. And fades dark spots and hyperpigmentation faster. 
  • Unlike retinol, this cruelty-free serum moisturizes the skin! It also resurfaces the skin to give a glamorous celebrity-like glow. But top it off with a glowing face cream to lock in moisture and prevent any risk of dryness. 

Although Bakuchiol is more stable in the sun than retinol, it is best to use this potent serum in your PM skincare routine as it can react with the sun. And use sunscreen in a disciplined way to protect your skin from accumulating sun damage. 

Dermatologists suggest using retinol for at least 6 months to start seeing its anti-ageing effects on your skin. Consistency is critical to getting the results with Bakuchiol. 

Skincare Habit #3 - Moisturize Like Your Life Depends On It 

With age, skin becomes progressively drier due to hormonal changes. Collagen loss further worsens the dryness. Using the best face creams for women, a.k.a Probrite Illuminating Radiance Cream SPF 20 PA+++ is more critical than ever. This moisturizer provides more than deep moisturization and hydration to nourish your skin. Here’s what makes it the best for mature skin - 

  • It has lactococcus ferment lysate that strengthens your skin’s barrier to erase every sign of dryness and flakiness. The good bacteria colonies on your skin increase and fight inflammation causing harmful bacteria.  
  • The creamy, silky consistency glides on smoothly and leaves you with a natural, lit-from-within veil of glow. 
  • It also works like a skin whitening cream that boosts your skin’s brightness and radiance—reducing hyperpigmentation and age spots. 
  • Rich in Japanese Sakura flower extract antioxidants, it calms skin and reduces inflammation for a plump, smooth skin feel and even tone. 

That’s about it! 3 simple, easy-to-follow skincare habits that you should follow to make your skin age like fine, vintage wine.

Written by Lotus herbals