Power Glow Combo

Infused with the goodness of Milk Enzymes, Aloe Vera & Vitamin C.
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The Power Glow Combo is your daily dose for radiant & glowing skin. The potent formulation of the products deeply cleanses the skin, promote skin brightening & deliver UV protection. 

The Power Glow Combo incorporates-

The Safesun MatteGel Vitamin C Sunscreen ( Net Qty- 100 g )comes with the unique SPF 50 & Vitamin C combination to impregnate your skin with unparalleled protection & a brightening glow. It delivers broad-spectrum UV protection along with a matte gel formulation that leaves no white cast. Truly one of a kind!

WhiteGlow 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Facial Foam ( Net Qty- 100 g ) is specially curated to cleanse the skin deeply. It is a hydrating, super gentle cleanser that gets right to work washing away dirt, makeup, and excess oil.

WhiteGlow Skin Brightening Gel Crème ( Net Qty- 60 g ) is an innovative skin whitening cream that delightfully blends into the skin, leaving it smooth, radiant, and hydrated all day long. It effectively reduces the dullness & dark spots, while the SPF 25 provides much-needed sun protection. 


Power Glow Combo


  • Cleanses Skin
  • Glowing Skin
  • UV Protection
These cremes penetrates deep inside the skin, give an accelerated lifting, firming, and protective action on the skin. It visibly reduces fine lines and opens pores by nourishing the skin overnight.

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How to use?

    Reduce Darkness and Spots

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A: Yes, Aloe vera sunscreen is suitable for all skin types because it is 98 percent water. Vitamins A, C, and E, all strong antioxidants, are abundant in it. This makes it non-comedogenic for oily skin and extremely moisturising, making it suitable for dry skin as well.

A: No, the Safesun MatteGel vitamin C sunscreen does not form a greasy layer on top of the skin, the sunscreen is made with a special gel based formula which easily gets absorbed into the skin and shields the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun.

A: Yes, the Safesun MatteGel vitamin C sunscreen provides protection from 98 percent of damaging UVA and UVB rays in a revolutionary mineral-based composition. Natural Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide form a protective layer over your skin, shielding it from the sun's rays.

A: Yes, Mineral sunscreens, are often known as physical sunscreens, they create a physical barrier between your skin and the sun's rays. Consider these minerals to be millions of tiny mirrors laying on your skin's surface, reflecting damaging UV radiation.

A: Yes, sunscreen should be applied more than once a day, infact it is recommended to reapply the sunscreen after every two hours, more frequently if you've been swimming or exercising.

A: To remove sunscreen from the skin it is recommended to cleanse your face by using a good cleanser such as the WhiteGlow 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Facial Foam and massage it in circular motions for at least one minute to give your pores a deep and thorough cleanse.

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