September 13, 2021

20 Simple Ways to Get Clear Skin Naturally

If I got a magic lamp and the genie asked me for my wishes, I had surely demanded youthful skin lifelong. Could getting the skin of one's choice to be as simple as this? 

Well, good things do not come easy but getting clear skin is no rocket science. You only need to go down to the memory lane where your mom and grandmums took all the pain to keep you and your skin healthy and shiny.

Integrating those good things with the surety of a modern approach, we bring you the dos and don'ts for everlasting youthful skin. Enjoy the trip to your flawless skin:

  • First things first
  • Always use products that are gentle on your skin, including oil and chemical-free products. Oil-free products help to clean pores and eliminate clogging. 

    Opt for mineral-based and non-comedogenic products with natural ingredients only as they are gentle on the skin and does not clog pores. 

  • Wash-off products thoroughly
  • Product buildup clogs the pores and leads to a skin infection. A good practice for how to get clear skin naturally calls for washing off skincare products nicely with water to stop product buildup. 

  • Lifestyle
    • This one section includes everything you know but need to be reminded of.
    • Give up on sugary, fried, and high glycemic food like potatoes, maida, and other starchy food. They lead to early ageing of the skin.
    • Reduce intake of alcohol and smoking to least or zero. 
    • Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated and flush out toxins
    • Exercise to maintain the elasticity of skin, sweat out toxins, regulate happy hormones, and reduce stress.

    Reducing stress is one of the tips for clear skin that works for your mind, body, soul and of course skin. Take a good sleep of 6-8 hours and say bye to dark circles and dull skin. Let the joy of peaceful sleep brighten your face!

  • Ice-ice baby
  • If you have got pimples, swelling, or redness, apply an ice cube to ease the problem without spreading germs further.

    You can also simply wash your face with ice water or rub a cube on your face or even use facial tools after refrigerating them for some time to ease inflammation and puffiness. Make ice a part of your skincare routine to reduce open pores and get smooth skin. 

  • Hot showers are a strict no-no
  • We know long hot showers are everyone's love, but they make your skin dry and itchy and result in loss of natural oils. Go for lukewarm water and a short bathing time to retain natural skin oils and smooth skin texture.

  • Sunscreen is forever
  • You must have heard, ‘diamonds are forever.’ If you want to avoid early ageing signs, sagging, uneven tone and texture and other problems of the skin, sunscreen is forever. 

    A sunscreen with SPF 30 at least is recommended by dermatologists to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays. Look for a sunscreen with broad-spectrum and natural ingredients to give you clear skin

  • Use the right products
  • There is no shortcut to relive your skin problem. If you have acne, opt for a medicated product; if your concern is tan, opt for sunscreen and not a moisturiser with SPF. Likewise, use undereye cream for dark circles.

    Always choose products according to your skin type and skin concern for definite results.

  • Include Retinol
  • Look for vitamin A retinol products when buying skincare products. Retinol helps in reducing early signs of skin ageing, reduces spots and marks, and fights wrinkles and fine lines. 

  • Do not pick pimples
  • Do not pick or poke your pimples. By doing this, you spread germs resulting in more acne. This also leaves scars behind ruining your efforts for clear skin

    Avoid touching your face as it leads to the transfer of bacteria and formation of pimples.

  • A little cleaning OCD  
    • Clean your phone using rubbing alcohol. Bacteria on your mobile can easily get transferred to your skin with contact and result in breakouts. 
    • Change your pillowcase often. This way, you will reduce germ formation and transfer on the skin. Sleep on your back and use a silk pillowcase as they are soft on the skin and does not damage skin cells.
    • Wash your hands often to keep them clean and avoid the transfer of germs. 
    • Throw away expired cosmetics and toiletries and keep your makeup brushes and tools clean. This will help in eliminating bacterial infection that causes inflammation and pimples. 
  • Masks
  • The pandemic has taught us many things, and wearing a mask is one of those things. 

    Choose cotton masks in breathable fabrics like linen or cotton. This will keep problems related to sweating, bacteria, and rubbing at bay.

  • Exfoliate
  • When it comes to how to get clear skin naturally, exfoliating the skin is the answer. Exfoliating skin helps getting rid of dead cells and buildup that block the pores with dirt and germs. Exfoliate your skin once a week and enjoy soft and supple skin. 

  • Wash your face after sweating
  • Wash your face after gym or exercise or every time you sweat to wash out dirt, oil, and bacteria. Do not wait for long because this will clog the pores and result in infections and acne. 

  • Apply skincare products on damp skin
  • When skincare products are applied to damp skin, they get absorbed deeply and give better results. This is the easiest way on how to get clear skin at home. 

  • Go makeup-free
  • Give your skin a break from makeup and go makeup-free sometimes. This will help your skin breathe and heal naturally.

  • Massage
  • Massages help you relax and improves blood circulation. Massage your face slowly for 2-5 minutes daily and stretch your facial muscles with a simple exercise to improve blood circulation and relieve stress. 

  • Skin treatments
  • If you have any persisting skin problems, contact a dermatologist. They can assist you better than self-help. 

    If you start with a treatment, be patient and continue with it as skin treatments take time. You can continue to follow other clear skin tips with the treatment after consulting the dermatologist. 

  • Practice skin care routine
  • Religiously follow your skincare routine and always wear off makeup before going to bed. Follow a CTM routine to give your skin time to heal and the nourishment it needs to glow. 

  • Keep your hair off your face
  • The natural oils in hair can clog the pores and result in breakouts. Therefore, keep your hair clean and tidy and tie them up more often. 

  • Haircare regime
  • Haircare is one of the secret tips for clear skin. Natural hair oil and greasy hair affect face, neck, and back skin. These oils, dirt, and dandruff clog pores to trigger acne and infection. 

    Keep your scalp clean and wash hair regularly using oil-free shampoo. Wash your face, neck, back, and chest after shampooing to clean hair products that may clog the pores. 

    Hair gel and sprays can also clog pores, so protect your face when using hairsprays.  

    Now you know how to get clear skin and so keep going and keep glowing!
    Written by Lotus Herbals